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Easter Journey

Nativity Scene

The Easter Journey’s aim is for every child to hear about the life of Jesus and the events of Holy Week and Easter and be encouraged to consider, question and explore the key questions: ‘Why was Jesus a King?' and ‘Why did He die?’

The children each receive a notebook at the beginning of the session. They move around the room and visit five interactive stations where they hear about the teaching and miracles of Jesus and the events that happened in Holy Week starting with Palm Sunday. Afterwards they will be encouraged to reflect on what they heard in discussion with the group leader.
Before moving to the next station they complete an activity in their notebook.  The children will be able to take these back home to remind them of what they learned on their Easter Journey. As the session draws to an end the children gather together for a conclusion and opportunity to give feedback and ask questions. 
There are light refreshments during the session and the whole ‘Journey’ takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

There would have been six churches hosting The Easter Journey in 2020 in Knebworth, Stevenage & Hertford, but unfortunately we were only able to hold the event in the first week due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

Week One: 9th – 13th March
St Martin’s Church  Knebworth & St Mary’s Church Shephall

Week Two: 16th - 20th March
Holy Trinity Church, Old Town & St Hugh and St John’s Church Chells

Week Three: 23rd – 27th March
All Saints Church  Hertford & St Peter's Church, Broadwater

National Curriculum Links to the new HERTS RE Syllabus for KS 2 – Understanding Christianity

Beliefs  and Practices: What are significant points in the Church Year?; Exploring Christian concepts: Incarnation, Resurrection, Salvation, Ascension; Exploring spiritual ways of celebrating different festivals, reflecting on reasons why some people value such celebrations highly or not at all
Sources of Wisdom: Who was Jesus and what did he do? Exploring the Gospel; what did Jesus do to save human beings? Why were all the sacred texts written so long ago and are they still relevant? What do the miracles of Jesus teach Christians today?
Symbols and Actions: What actions might symbolise a believer’s humility? What importance does the cross have for Christians?
Identity and belonging: Exploring how key events from Christian history are celebrated today; Was Jesus the Messiah?

Annual Reports

Annual Reports

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