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Friends of Bridge Builders

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believe Bridge Builders Christian Trust has a significant role to play in Stevenage and the surrounding area and commit to supporting its ongoing work.
aim to provide consistent funding recognising that regular giving not only helps to inform the annual budget but also encourages the team with the knowledge that their work is valued and appreciated.

Some examples to consider
£1 per week = 13 children on the Christmas Journey

£5 per month = 20 children on the Easter Journey
£10 per month = 6 week MAPS programme for one child
£50 per month = 17 assemblies

(Please give whatever is appropriate for you)

Some Friends of Bridge Builders may also choose to offer practical skills to support one off events such as cake baking, IT, carpentry, sewing or serving teas and coffees.

Prayer support for all aspects of the Trust's work is vital. Regular updates will be circulated to those Friends who choose to receive them.

Excited by this new Initiative?

Complete a 'connecting children with faith, hope and love' form and return it as soon as possible. Your Gift really will make a difference.


News and Events

Praying Hands

Monthly Prayer Meeting

'Friends of Bridge Builders' meet on the first Thursday of each month to pray for the Bridge Builders' Team and all the children and staff in our local Primary schools. THis month prayer will be focussing on the new assembly tour and the lesson support.

Next Meeting: Thursday 4th January 2pm to 3.30pm at St Paul's Methodist Church, Turpins Rise, SG2 8QR

Or join the Bridge Builder Team & Volunteers in a day of prayer; starting at 9.30am and finishing at the end of the "Friends" prayer meeting. Come and go as you are able. The Prayer meeting is followed by tea and cake. New members are always welcome.




Annual Reports

Annual Reports

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