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The Virtual Christmas Journey 2020

Nativity Scene

This year, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we have changed the format of The Christmas Journey and are pleased to be able to bring the event online to schools in Stevenage and the surrounding area.

The Christmas Journey’s aim is that every child not only hears the Christmas story but also begins to understand some of the significance it has for Christians today.

To fulfil this aim the children will each receive a Christmas Journey Booklet* and the Christmas Journey Team will take them back in time to meet the main characters of the first Christmas story through a series of short video clips. 

After hearing the story from each of the character's perspectives there is a craft activity* in their notebook to complete. The children will be able to take these notebooks home as a reminder of the Christmas Journey story.

In the final clip the children will hear from Mary & Joseph and meet their new baby. They will also be taught a lively Christmas song to remind them of the story and the event is concluded by the final craft activity which is making a crown*.  

The whole ‘Journey’ will take approximately 2 hours—four 10 minute clips, one 15 minute clip, and accompanying craft activities.

*By the first week of December Bridge Builders will send an email with links to each video clip for schools to use at times which are convenient for them and deliver

  • The Christmas Journey booklet
  • Craft resources for the activities in the booklet
  • A crown for each child to decorate

National Curriculum Links to the HERTS RE Syllabus

Key Stage 1 - Understanding Christianity

Beliefs and Practices: Why does Christmas matter to Christians? What events are Christians remembering and believing when they celebrate Christmas?
Sources of Wisdom: Exploring the Gospel, Accounts of characters in the Bible
Ultimate questions: Why is Jesus so important to Christians?

To book your school onto The Christmas Journey, click 'book a place' below to take you to our online booking system.

(The time & date are just an indication of when we would be getting the physical resources to schools)



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